North Cebu Tourist Spots - Places to Visit in Cebu North

Places to Visit in Cebu North - Tourist Spots  

The northern part of Cebu Province is blessed with beautiful white sand beaches and is home to 2 of my favorite beach destinations, Santa Fe, Bantayan Island and Malapascua Island.  Aside from that, San Remigio is also situated there, Cebu's longest shoreline. Please find below the list of tourist spots that you can find as your guide on your next destination in Cebu North. 

Places to Visit in Cebu North - Cebu, Philippines
Estaca Bay Gardens - Compostela, Cebu

I wanted to include Consolacion and Liloan on this list but technically, I believe they are part of the central eastern part of Cebu, so I will start my list with Compostela.
  1. Gatubod Spring Resort - Basak, Compostela, Cebu
  2. Estaca Bay Gardens Conference Resort - Estaca, Compostela, Cebu
  3. Compostela Boardwalk
  4. Green Lagoon Park
  5. Q Park (Way of the Cross)
  6. Paradise Hills Mountain Resort
Gatubod Spring Resort - Compostela, Cebu
Gatubod Spring Resort - Compostela, Cebu

  1. Elsalvador Beach Resort - Sabang, Danao City
  2. Coco Palms Beach Resort - KM 31, Danao City
  3. Danasan Eco Park Adventure
  4. Intosan Resort and Waterpark
  5. Kalbaryo (Way of the Cross)
  6. Tuburan Mountain Resort
Elsalvadaor Beach Resort - Danao City, Cebu
Elsalvadaor Beach Resort - Danao City, Cebu

  1. Durano Eco Farm & Spring Resort - Corte, Carmen
  2. Mt. Uragay Spring Resort - Corte, Carmen
  3. Middle Earth Mountain Resort
  4. St. Benedict's Monastery (Our Lady of Manaog) - Corte, Carmen
  5. Mangitngit Falls
  6. Mt. Calvary (Way of the Cross)
    1. Catmon Beach
    2. Esoy Hot Spring
    3. Ka-Tinggo Falls
    4. Tinubdan Falls
    5. Catmon Daan Watchtower
    6. Mt. Kapayas
    Catmon Beach - Catmon, Cebu
    Catmon Beach - Catmon, Cebu

    1. Bagatayam Falls
    2. Binaliw Spring
    3. Birhen sa Lourdes Shrine
    4. Ecological Park
    5. Calvary Hill (Way of the Cross, I suppose)
    6. North Sky Beach Resort
    7. The Summer House
    North Sky Beach Resort Sogod Cebu
    North Sky Beach Resort - Sogod, Cebu

    Binaliw Spring - Sogod, Cebu
    Binaliw Spring - Sogod, Cebu
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    1. Silmugi River
    Silmugi River - Borbon, Cebu
    Silmugi River - Borbon, Cebu
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    1. Guiwanon Cold Spring
    2. Bunzie's Cove
    3. Salag Hanging Bridge 
    4. Sea Turtle Lagoon
    Guiwanon Cold Spring - Tabogon, Cebu
    Guiwanon Cold Spring - Tabogon, Cebu
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    1. Molobolo Spring
    2. Marmol Cliff
    3. Adela River
    4. Lantawan Tunnel
    5. Dao Tree
    Marmol Cliff - Tuburan, Cebu
    Marmol Cliff - Tuburan, Cebu
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    1. Buswang Lake
    2. Malabago Beach and Wellness Resort
    3. Policios Waterpark 
    4. Tubigagmanok
    Policios Waterpark - Asturias, Cebu
    Policios Waterpark - Asturias, Cebu
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    1. Maravilla Beach Club
    2. La Familia Beach
    3. Durhan White Beach Resort
    4. Sinungkulan River
    5. Tabuelan Floating Restaurant

    1. Bogo Odlot Resort
    2. Capitancillo Islet
    3. Hisoler's Beach Resort
    4. Shrine of Our Lady of Miraculous Medal
    1. Malapascua Island (some beach resorts are listed on my Malapascua Island blog)
    2. Carnaza Island
    3. Blue Corals Beach Resort
    4. Kandaya Resort
    5. Skip's Beach Resort
    6. Slam's Garden Resort
    7. Virgin Beach Resort


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      Are you from the northern part of Cebu or do you happen to know other places in Cebu North that are points of interest, please feel free to leave a message in the comment section below so I can add up to this list. Thanks!


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