Paradizzo - Beach Resort in Kawit, Medellin, Cebu (North)

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Paradizzo Beach Resort - Kawit, Medellin, Cebu I knew I would love Kawit beach even before setting foot on it. If you are looking for a beautiful beach resort in  Kawit, Medellin , Cebu (north), check out Paradizzo Beach Resort. This resort  is probably the most popular beach destination in Medellin.  Paradizzo has a lot to offer such as rooms for your overnight stay, tents and tables for day use and night use, kayak, paddle board, island hopping, restaurant, Sebu Cha, live music, etc.    You will definitely love your stay there as you do not have to wait for the tide to go high to enjoy swimming.  Gibitngit Island is just a few minutes away from the resort and you can tour the island from there and if you are planning to go to Bantayan Island, the nearby Kawit Port is just a walking distance. Thank you to the very accommodating staff at Paradizzo, I did enjoy my stay. ( How to go to Bamboo Forest ) Paradizzo - Beach Resort in Kawit Medellin Cebu (north) Paradizzo Beach Resort in Kaw

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Paradizzo | Beach Resort in Kawit, Medellin, Cebu