Maravilla Beach - The Little Boracay in Tabuelan Cebu

Maravilla Beach - Maravilla, Tabuelan, Cebu

MARAVILLA BEACH - LITTLE BORACAY IN TABUELAN Many of you may have heard of Maravilla Beach but did you know that you can enjoy the beach with NO entrance fee? If you have been to Santa Fe beach in Bantayan Island, you will be reminded of the latter when you go to Maravilla beach. The only difference is when it's low tide in Maravilla beach, you can easily notice it unlike in Santa Fe beach where you don't immediately notice it or you don't care at all as you need not walk far to take a dip. Just the same, you will definitely love Maravilla beach. With its long shorelines spanning from one end to another on Maravilla shores, the white sand beach and the sandy beach floor is what makes this place The Little Boracay in Tabuelan, so on your next Cebu North getaway, I can highly recommend Maravilla Beach.

MARAVILLA BARANGAY HALL AND MARAVILLOSA PARK When we arrived in Tabuelan Bus Terminal, the habal habal/tricycle drivers greeted and off…

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