Cuatro Islas - the paradise islands in Leyte

Digyo, Mahaba, Apid & Himokilan Islands - the paradise islands in Leyte!

Cuatro Islas is a Spanish term which when translated in English means Four Islands. Cuatro Islas is a group of islands belonging to the munipalities of Hindang and Inopacan in the province of Leyte. 
  1. Digyo Island belongs to Inopacan, Leyte
  2. Apid Island belongs to Inopacan, Leyte
  3. Mahaba Island belongs to Inopacan, Leyte
  4. Himokilan Island belongs to Hindang, Leyte
Digyo Island
Digyo Island

This is another out of town invitation from one of my college friends (Jenny) whose husband (Dondon) happens to be a resident of Hindang, Leyte. Together with Jen's and Dondon's colleagues in COA, I joined them on their Cuatro Islas trip. Thank you so much Jen & Don and the rest of the Dayola family for the accommodation while we're there!
Digyo Island
With my college batchmates, Lai & Jenny at Digyo Island. Behind us is the island of Apid.

The island paradise of Digyo is our first stop. Among the four (4) islands, this to me is somewhat like Boracay but unlike Boracay, the place is not very commercialized. With its white sand and crystal clear waters, Digyo Island is one of my favorites among the four islands. The island has souvenir shops, cottages, convenience store, etc. The Apid island is a view away from this island. 
Digyo Island
Jennny and Dondon's colleagues in COA at Digyo Island

Digyo Island
Enjoying the crystal clear waters of Digyo Island

Island hopping - P3000 (we were more than 15). You can save a lot if you go there in a group of 15 or more.
Maintenance Fee/Entrance Fee - P50/head
Close Cottage - P500/unit
Open Cottage - P300/unit
Portable Tent - P200/unit
Camping Tent - P150/unit
Table - P50/unit
Chairs - P10/unit
Space Rent - P50/tent (so you can actually bring your own tent, if you want)

Digyo Island
This is the crowded side of Digyo Island where you get to see a lot of people camping underneath the coconut tree

This is my other favorite among the four islands. The place appeared secluded, calmer, unspoiled and not so crowded but still the island is blessed with white sand and crystal clear waters. The Himokilan island is a view away from this island.
Mahaba Island
The island of Mahaba is calmer and more secluded.

Mahaba Island
Jenny and Dondon with their colleagues in COA

Mahaba Island
The place is not so crowded yet

Apid Island is another island that is part of the municipality of Inopacan. The island is more of a residential place and we didn't disembark there.
Apid Island
A view of Apid Island from the shores of Digyo Island

Himokilan Island is the only island in Cuatro Islas that is part of the municipality of Hindang. Just like Apid Island, this is also more of a residential place and we didn't disembark there as well. This is a view away from the island of Mahaba.
Himokilan Island
A view of Himokilan Island from the shores of Mahaba Island

We stopped by at Hilongos Municipal Hall before reaching the tricycle station.
  • Board a ship from Cebu City (Pier 3) bound for Hilongos, Leyte via Roble Shipping, Gabisan Shipping, etc. Fare is P370 (aircon/one way). Thanks Don for buying our ticket in advance.
  • You will arrive in Hilongos after 5 hours, so if you go on a night trip (9:00pm), you will arrive there at 2:00am. You can stay inside the vessel until 5:00am or so
  • At the pier, you will see trisikad or tricycle. If tricycle is available, tell the driver to bring you to Inopacan and tell him that you want to do island hopping at Cuatro Islas. If tricycle is not available, hire a trisikad, the driver will bring you to the tricycle station in Hilongos. Once there, hire a tricycle to bring you to the town of Inopacan and say that you want to do island hopping at Cuatro Islas. As for us, we started our island hopping at Hindang bay. 
We started at Hindang bay
Dayola's nice family house.

We were blessed to be accommodated by the Dayola's family in Hindang, Leyte - so thanks again Don, Jen and the entire Dayola family. You can actually find several places to stay in Leyte but if you can't find one in Inopacan, check out Hilongos or Hindang, they are both closer to the municipality of Inopacan. Try,,, or check out if there are listings there.

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