Maravilla Beach - The Little Boracay in Tabuelan Cebu

Maravilla Beach - Maravilla, Tabuelan, Cebu

Many of you may have heard of Maravilla Beach but did you know that you can enjoy the beach with NO entrance fee? If you have been to Santa Fe beach in Bantayan Island, you will be reminded of the latter when you go to Maravilla beach. The only difference is when it's low tide in Maravilla beach, you can easily notice it unlike in Santa Fe beach where you don't immediately notice it or you don't care at all as you need not walk far to take a dip. Just the same, you will definitely love Maravilla beach. With its long shorelines spanning from one end to another on Maravilla shores, the white sand beach and the sandy beach floor is what makes this place The Little Boracay in Tabuelan, so on your next Cebu North getaway, I can highly recommend Maravilla Beach and Paradizzo, a beach resort in Kawit Medellin.
Maravilla Beach Tabuelan Cebu
Maravilla Beach in Maravilla, Tabuelan, Cebu - This is a public beach. Entrance is free. There is a Triathlon event there tomorrow, June 10th, Sunday.

Tabuelan River for Tabuelan Floating Restaurant
Tabuelan River - This scenic view of the river is where you can dine at Tabuelan Floating Restaurant, however, you can only cruise the river during high tide. This is just within the vicinity of Tabuelan Bus Terminal at Tabuelan town proper.

When we arrived in Tabuelan Bus Terminal, the habal habal/tricycle drivers greeted and offered us to bring to where we want to go. Since we went there for Maravilla Beach, off to the beach we went. From the bus terminal to Maravilla Beach, the habal habal (motorbike) driver told us the distance to travel is 10 kilometers from the bus terminal. Contrary to some negative feedbacks about habal habal drivers, to their defense as a traveler, I can say, they are some of the best source of information when you are traveling to a place not your own.  This includes the tricycle drivers as well which by the way, you can choose to ride if you are a group of more than 2 or if you aren't comfortable riding a motorbike. Yes, tricycles are available at the terminal as well. If you only say Maravilla beach, most likely the driver will bring you to the Maravilla public beach and you will be dropped off at Maravilla Barangay Hall. 

Maravilla Barangay Hall
Maravilla Barangay Hall - The habal habal driver will drop you off here

Maravillosa Park - Maravilla Beach, Tabuelan
Maravillosa Park - Immediately before entering Maravilla beach, you will see this marker, Maravillosa Park, there is an eatery there and a convenience store is at the back. The Tabuelan Triathlon will be held at the beach tomorrow, June 10th.

Entrance to Maravilla Beach is FREE. If you intend to stay there for a night or two, you can rent a cottage, a tent or you can bring your own tent and just pay for a space rental or if you want, you can stay at a private beach resorts nearby such as Maravilla Beach Club, Bethlehem de Paradise Resort, Durhan White Beach Resort, La Familia Beach Resort, Hawaiian Beach Resort4A's & G Beach ResortJJL Beach ResortThe Tree Sunset BeachTherrish Beach ResortSandiego Dance ResortSunset Paradise Beach Resort (this is in Tabunok, Tabuelan) etc. 

You can bring food there and if you don't want to bring any, you can buy at the stores within the premises. Susan, the lady who we talked to, told us you can rent cottages, tents or rent a space for your tents. Rental ranges from P150 to P300; P150 (own tent), P300 tent/cottages/tables. I can not confirm though as we only went there and took a dip for less than 2 hours. If you opted for the tent, tent can be installed only between 7:00pm to 5:00am, no tents are allowed during the day. Per Susan, the beach is open 24 hours and by the fact that you can install the tent from 7:00pm to 5:00am is an affirmation.
Maravilla Beach Tabuelan Cebu
Maravilla Beach - Maravilla Beach is a public beach situated in Barangay Maravilla, Tabuelan, Cebu - a northern town in Cebu Province. Thanks to Susan (lady on the right on top right photo) for the warm welcome and for being so accommodating. You can use their bathroom if you want to, shower charge is P10 for children and P20 for adults. She offered it free for us but we insisted on paying her. Thanks too to Rochel (guy in the middle on left middle photo) for patiently waiting for us while enjoying the beautiful white sandy beach of Maravilla.

If you want to go there solo and just want to stay there for about an hour or two like we did, you can leave your things on the seashore. 
Maravilla Beach also perfect for solo travelers
Maravilla Beach - If you are a solo traveler, you can just leave your things on the seashore within your view.

Best time to go to Maravilla Beach is on weekdays. This beach is as beautiful as the other beaches in northern Cebu such as Santa Fe beach in Bantayan Island and Guimbitayan Beach in Malapascua Island. So, if you go there on weekends, expect to see a sea of people but the good thing is there is NO entrance fee and the beach can freely accommodate you.

There is a parking area near Maravilla Barangay Hall and I suppose there is a corresponding parking fee collected. 

  1. Go to Cebu North Bus Terminal. If you are far from the terminal, ride a taxi, Grab or Uber.
  2. From the terminal ride a bus bound for Tuburan via Logo. (Tell the bus steward to drop you off at Tabuelan Bus Terminal). Fare is P126. Travel time from Cebu North Bus Terminal is 3 hours or less.
  3. Charter a tricycle or habal habal (motorbike) to bring you to the Maravilla public beach. Distance to travel from Tabuelan Bus Terminal to Maravilla Beach is 10km about 25 minutes or so.
    • The bus steward that I talked to said you can actually ride a mini-bus direct to Maravilla from Cebu North Bus Terminal. Just look for Inday Meme Bus (color white) with trips between 6am to 7pm and tell the driver or the bus steward to drop you off at the corner for Maravilla Beach or Maravilla Barangay Hall. (updated 1/27/2020)
    • You can also go to Tabuelan by van at Cebu North Bus Terminal. If you are a large group, you may negotiate the price with the driver. 
    • If you want to go there using your private vehicle, use the Consolacion bound route then after the town of Sogod before reaching Borbon, you will see a signage along national road that says "You are now leaving Sogod", reduce your speed then as a few meters  away you will see a corner on your left heading to Tuburan. Use that road until you reach the Tabuelan Bus Terminal. From there, use the Tabuelan/San Remigio road. You may ask the locals for direction, refer the map below or download the Waze App. If you think, you don't know your way around, from Tabuelan Bus Terminal, hire a habal habal driver to guide you to the place and just follow his lead.


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