Dalaguete Town, Osmena Peak, Things To Do, Places to Stay and Podrida

The Historic Town of Dalaguete, Osmena Peak, Things To Do and Podrida

I believe the southern towns of Cebu are home to some of the oldest historical sites and structures in the province. If you have to roam around the towns of Oslob, Boljoon, Argao, Naga, you will see centuries-old churches and historical sites dating back from as early as the 1800's or even earlier. The Dalaguete town is no exception and I believe the other southern towns in Cebu are also home to centuries-old churches which I have yet to explore. Dalaguete's San Guillermo de Aquitania Church which was constructed in 1802 and completed in 1825 is just one of the churches you may want to visit on your next south Cebu itineraries especially if you love historical sites. (HOW TO GO TO DALAGUETE TOWN FROM CEBU CITY: [1]Go to Cebu South Bus Terminal by hiring a taxi, Grab or Uber. [2]Ride a bus bound for Alcoy or Dalaguete or Bato via Oslob or Bato via Liloan, Santander. [3]Disembark at Dalaguete town proper.)
Rex Ego Sum - Dalaguete Cebu
Rex Ego Sum - Must be a Latin word meaning I am God, I am the One or I am the King. This structure is located at the plaza in front of San Guillermo de Aquitania Church in Dalaguete, Cebu.

San Guillermo de Aquitania Church - Dalaguete, Cebu
San Guillermo de Aquitania Church - Dalaguete, Cebu

Dalaguete Cebu
Dalaguete Cebu - Top photos: there is a carenderia/eatery at the crossing that is open until 10pm. You can also dine nearby at 7Eleven or at Maria's Batchoy Restaurant. 

One of the longstanding tourist attraction that is almost synonymous to the town of Dalaguete is Osmena Peak. Being a true blue Cebuano, I identified Osmena Peak as part of Dalaguete town but recently there has been a dispute that the jurisdiction of the famous mountain peak belongs to the town of Badian, home to the famous Kawasan Falls. Regardless of the dispute, Osmena Peak remained the highest mountain peak in Cebu Province and is one of the top tourist destinations among mountain climbers, hikers and even regular travellers. Some other  mountain peaks in Dalaguete and Badian are Lugsangan Peak, Casino Peak, Kandungaw Peak, Lover's Peak, Sunset Peak, etc. (HOW TO GO TO OSMENA  PEAK: From Dalaguete Town proper, there is a crossing near 7Eleven, there are habal habal drivers there that you can charter a ride to and from Osmena Peak or other peaks that will bring you up to the base of the mountain peaks. Fare for Osmena Peak is P100 one way. The first and last time I was there was in the 90's, so here's a handy guide to climbing Osmena Peak).
Osmena Peak
Osmena Peak - Photo: Celine Reyes

Dalaguete Crossing
Dalaguete Crossing - At the crossing, you can find a lot of habal habal and tricycle drivers to bring you to your desired destinations in Dalaguete and the mountain peaks such as Osmena Peak, Lugsangan Peak, etc.

Aside from the aforementioned peaks, some other things you can do and sites to see in Dalaguete are: Kulabyaw Rock Formation and Cave, Dingayop Cave and Spring, Obong Spring, Dalaguete Beach Park aka Casay Beach and whole lot more. 
Obong Ruins Obong Dalaguete Cebu
Obong Ruins - This is what I call Obong Ruins if you may allow me to. Though this seemed unattractive to some but if you love old structures and stuff, this is worth your visit, just a walking distance from Obong Spring near the parking area there.

How to go to Dalaguete Beach Park Casay Beach
How to go to Dalaguete Beach Park Casay Beach

If you are from other provinces or countries, you may stay in Dalaguete at Ocean Bay Beach ResortDakong Bato Beach, Rockwalled, Seaview Mansion Dalaguete Apartment 1, Seaview Mansion Dalaguete Apartment 3, etc. You can also stay in the nearby town of Argao at Bamboo ParadiseArgao Royal Palms Serviced VillasPanorama de ArgaoWoodruffs Beach ResortLooc Garden Beach ResortArgao Heli SuitesArgao Vacation House, Kingfisher Beach Resort, Baluarte de Argao Beach Club, etc. You may book online thru their websites or thru agoda.combooking.com,trivago.comairbnb.com, etc.
Ocean Bay Beach Resort and ScubaCrew Dive Shop
Ocean Bay Beach Resort and ScubaCrew Dive Shop

I believe Dalaguete's Podrida is a variation of the Spanish dish Olla Podrida but unlike Olla Podrida, Dalaguete's version is not a main dish but a snack item with a fruity filling of jackfruit (nangka or langka) and bantiyong jelly. Aside from podrida, some of the delicacies that you can buy in Dalaguete are tostado, torta,  banana meat, bibingka, etc. One may asked why podrida? Well, I like it so much and it's very friendly to my taste buds, thus it made itself to the title of this blog lol. I actually bought five packs of Podrida which I intend to give to my siblings when I went home but all five packs went straight to my stomach instead (lol). If you are from Dalaguete or will be coming from Dalaguete, please buy me Podrida (5 packs), I will pay and meet you in Cebu City. I bought my podrida at a stall near 7Eleven entrance in Dalaguete town proper. 
Podrida - a delicacy in Dalaguete, Cebu
Podrida - This is podrida, one of Dalaguete's delicacies that has a jackfruit and bantiyong jelly filling. 

How about you, have you been to Dalaguete or other southern towns in Cebu? How was your experience?



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