Crocolandia - a Conservation Park in Talisay City, Cebu

Crocolandia Conservation Park - Biasong, Talisay City, Cebu

If you are looking for a different destination other than the beach or the waterfalls, Crocolandia Conservation Park might interest you. The place is situated in Barangay Biasong in Talisay City, Cebu. Yes, Cebu! So, this blog does not include The Ruins, a popular tourist destination in Talisay City, Negros Occidental. Crocolandia is a popular tourist spot in Talisay City, Cebu. It is just 30-40 minutes away from Cebu City.

Lapu-Lapu Crocolandia Talisay City Cebu Philippines
This is Lapu-Lapu, the pride of Crocolandia. The largest and oldest crocodile that weighs over 1000 kilograms and is more than 16 feet, living more than 60 years!

Green Iguana at Crocolandia
The Green Iguana

Based on the brochure I got there, Crocolandia Conservation Park was established more than a decade ago as an educational resource, highlighting the importance of protecting the rich Philippine biodiversity. 

The crocodile is being fed every weekends at 4:00pm, and like always, weekends are expectedly crowded.

Nature Center
Children's Playground
Wildlife & Other Exotic Animals
Fishing Experience
Snake Talk (available on special events)
Crocodile Feeding (weekends only)
Fish Pond Crocolandia Talisay City Cebu
Fish Pond
Nature Center at Crocolandia - Talisay City, Cebu, Philippines
Nature Center

The Crocolandia Entrance Fees are:
Adults - P100
Kids - P50
For tour bookings and inquiries, you may call them at 511-9857; 273-1842 or email them at

When I went there, I wasn't sure enough if I was more scared of the ostrich or the crocodile (haha). Passing by on a not fully caged ostrich is somehow scary to me (lol). 
ostrich at crocolandia in biasong talisay city cebu philippines
The ostrich, not sure why it scared me. Haha

  1. Ride a jeepney near Metro Gaisano Colon or fronting Colonnade Supermarket with route number 10F with the sign board Bulacao-Pardo. Fare P7
  2. Tell the driver to drop you off at Citilink.
  3. You will be dropped off at the jeepney stop somewhere near Citilink. I didn't see it though (lol).
  4. From where the driver drops you off, walk your way towards an intersection until you see 7 Eleven and Julie's Bakeshop on your left.
  5. Walk towards Julie's Bakeshop. You can eat there if you want (haha)
  6. At the corner fronting the Julie's Bakeshop sign, ride a jeepney bound for Tabunok (route number 42 something). Upon boarding the jeepney, make sure to tell the driver you want to go to Crocolandia. Fare is P13
  7. Disembark at Corner Dumlog. 
  8. Then charter a motorbike to bring you to Crocolandia. After 1-2 minutes ride, tell the driver to hit the brake, and voilĂ , Crocolandia! Fare is P20 one way. You can ask the driver to wait for you but no worries though, there are motorbikes passing by there. 
  • If you think you'll be lost riding a jeepney, ride a taxi. Fare could not be too much as Talisay City is just 30-45 mins ride from Cebu City.
  • If you want to use your vehicle, see the map below for directions. 

How about you? What other conservation parks have you been to? How was your experience? Please share it in the comment section below.

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