How to go to Tingko Beach, King Arthur's, El Paradiso and some of the places to go in Alcoy, Cebu

Alcoy, Cebu, Philippines

ALCOY is one of the best beach destinations in Cebu. It is situated in the southeastern part of the province right next to the municipality of Dalaguete. The most popular beach in Alcoy is Tingko Beach located in Daan Lungsod. Being a beach lover, I can recommend the place but it is crowded on weekends, so go there on weekdays instead. You can rent a table there ranging from 600 to 800 pesos, etc ($12-$16). You can also do island hopping from there, price per person is 30 pesos or $0.60 (2016). If you go there solo, just join other groups. If you only want to stay there for an hour or 2, you can just leave your things on the shoreline and just pay for the minimal entrance fee. 
Tingko Beach - Alcoy, Cebu
Tingko Beach, Daan Lungsod, Alcoy, Cebu

Tingko Beach - Alcoy, Cebu
Tingko Beach - Alcoy, Cebu
Island hopping in Alcoy
Island hopping in Alcoy

Another nice place in Alcoy where we stayed in was in King Arthur's Resort at Bon-Bon Pasol. What I like about this place is that you can just relax and enjoy the breeze, the place is quite windy especially near the seashore. The beach there is not as nice as Tingko beach, though but you will love the place just the same. King Arthur's is the sister company of El Paradiso Sola Homes (a Santorini-inspired resort of some sort). 

King Arthur's Resort Alcoy Cebu Philippines
King Arthur's Resort - Alcoy, Cebu

King Arthur's Sola Homes Alcoy  cebu philippines
Seashore at King Arthur's Place, Bon-Bon Pasol, Alcoy

You can stay at Antig Tingko Beach 1 or 2 (pictures above), a public beach located in Daan Lungsod. I believe you can bring your tent with you or rent a tent there for space rental. Depending on which location you enter in, when we went there a few years ago, we entered for free but when we went there in 2016, there was a minimal entrance fee and we rented a table worth 600 pesos, others are priced 800, etc. The place can be very crowded during weekends. You will surely love the beach and you can have an island hopping tour from there. (Update 10/17/20: Try to see if these numbers are still working, 0933 411 5584 or (032) 483 9298 found their Facebook pages here and here)

If you want to stay in a private place, check out Dive Point Alcoy, Mangrove ECO Resort, Meili Beach Resort, Bodo's Bamboo Bar, King Arthur's Resort (Sola Homes), Sola Homes El Paradiso, Villa Rosa Cebu, Voda Krasna, Manawa Beach Resort, Larville Pool Garden Resort, etc.

  1. Go to South Bus Terminal near E-Mall
  2. Ride a bus bound for Alcoy, Bato via Oslob, Bato via Liloan, Santander. It takes 2-2.5 hours to travel from Cebu City to Alcoy, depending on traffic. The bus leaves every 30 minutes. You may contact South Bus Terminal for inquiry at 253-3830 or 253-4119 or click here
  3. To go to Tingko Beach, tell the bus steward to drop you off at either Antig Tingko Beach 1 or Antig Tingko Beach 2. 

  • To go to your desired destination in Alcoy, check out the address of your accommodation and ask the bus steward to drop you off at that address.
  • If you go there from the southwestern side of Cebu i.e. Barili, Moalboal, Alegria, catch a bus on the streets every 25-30 minutes. Disembark at Bato Terminal and from the terminal ride another bus bound for Cebu City via Sibonga and disembark at your point of destination in Alcoy (i.e Tingko Beach, etc.)  
  • If you go there from the southeastern side of Cebu i.e. Sibonga, Argao, etc. catch a bus on the streets every 25-30 minutes and disembark at your point of destination in Alcoy (i.e. Tingko Beach, etc.)
  • On your way back to Cebu City, catch a bus along the street that passes by every 25-30 minutes.
Bato Terminal for Ceres buses, Samboan, Cebu
Bato Terminal for Ceres buses


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