Descansohan ni Onyol - Entrance Fee, Operating Hours and How to get there

Descansohan ni Onyol - Guba, Cebu City

If you are looking for a place to relax and unwind, check out Descansohan ni Onyol. This beautiful place sits in the mountain range of Guba, Cebu City. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city center, this place is perfect for your relaxation and you will definitely love your stay there especially if you are into Instagram as there are a lot of Instagrammable spots waiting for your visit. (Thanks to Michelle and Junle for this trip)
Descansohan ni Onyol Location Guba Cebu City Cebu Philippines
Descansohan ni Onyol

Descansohan ni Onyol and How to get there
Descansohan ni Onyol

Play the video below to find your favorite spot in Descansohan ni Onyol for your next Instagram post


As stated in their Facebook page, they are open from 8:00am to 7:00pm. Entrance fee to Descansohan ni Onyol: Php50 for adults and Php25 for children 5 to 10 years old. They sell snack items there and you can bring your food with you with no corkage. You can contact them for more queries at 0922 700 0383.


  • You can bring your vehicles with you but I suggest you bring the 4x4 drive as you will be driving on an uphill climb on a 2-way lane. See map below for the route you want to take or download the Waze app to navigate your way there. (IMPORTANT: As stated in their Facebook page, please ask around when you reach Guba proper so you know you're in the right direction as there are 2 Descansohan plotted in Google Map, so watch the signages along the way and you'll be good. I use the one with the Adlaon address even if it is situated in Guba as it bears the telephone number stated in Descansohan's Facebook page)
Descansohan ni Onyol signages
Descansohan ni Onyol signages. You'll see a lot of the above signages along the way, so check the arrow.

If you are to commute there via Pit-os:
  1. From downtown Cebu City, ride a jeepney headed for Pit-os with route numbers 62C or 62B
  2. Disembark at Flying V Gasoline Station
  3. From the gasoline station, charter a motorbike to bring you to Descansohan ni Onyol. Per inquiry, fare is Php75 but you need to add if you want the driver to wait for you, so prepare between Php75 to Php100 (one way)  

If you are to commute there via Lahug:
  1. From downtown Cebu City, ride any jeepney headed for Lahug or Apas. Make sure to tell the driver that you will disembark at JY Square Mall
  2. From JY Square Mall, charter a motorbike to bring you to Descansohan ni Onyol. Fare could be between Php75 to Php100 (one way)

Descansohan ni Onyol Entrance Fee Food Corkage Location Phone Number
Descansohan ni Onyol

The parking area is located outside near the entrance.



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