10,000 Roses and more - Cordova, Cebu, Philippines

10,000 Roses Cafe in Cordova

Have you been to the very famous destination among local tourists in Cebu? The 10000 roses in Cordova, Cebu has now become one of the most famous tourist destinations in the island of Cebu. Most locals flocked their way to visit the popular site with ten thousand roses. The place is a cafe very near Lantaw Floating Restaurant, a popular restaurant in the municipality of Cordova. Cordova is near Lapu-Lapu City.

10,000 Roses Cafe located in Barangay Day-as, Cordova, Cebu
10,000 Roses Cafe located in Barangay Day-as, Cordova, Cebu
This 10000 Roses Sunset captivates us when we went there the first time.
This beautiful sunset within the vicinity of 10000 Roses captivated us when we went there the first time.

Located in Barangay Day-as, Cordova, the 10,000 Roses clearly put Cordova in the map once again as this site is inevitably drawing more and more local tourists since the day it opened its doors early this year.

10000 roses before they are lighted at 10000 Roses Cafe Cordova Cebu
10,000 Roses Cafe located in Barangay Day-as, Cordova, Cebu
10000 Roses Cordova Cebu
10000 Roses Cordova Cebu

The white roses are not real roses, they are powered by LED. Entrance to 10000 Roses Cafe is P20. (Price may change without prior notice)
10000 Roses near the entrance
10000 Roses. This is on the other side near the entrance.

In my opinion, the best time to get there is on weekdays as the place is still flocked with many local tourists on weekends. We went there on Sunday and we must have arrived there on a better time on a Sunday, we get there at past 6:00pm. On weekends, best time to get there is between 4:00pm to 5:00pm then just relax and enjoy the view on the other side near the entrance as seen on the video below.

Here's our video

Option 1
It is best to bring your vehicle with you. You know you're near when you see a lot of cars parked near the signage that welcomes you to Barangay Day-as. See map below for direction or you may download the Waze app. (Parking could be a headache on weekends.) From the parking area, walk your way towards the cafe. 

10000 Roses Parking Area
10000 Roses Parking Area near the "Welcome to Barangay Day-as" signage

Option 2
Barangay Day-as Cordova Cebu
If you bring your cars with you, the parking area is near the signage "Welcome to Day-as". You will walk about 3-5 minutes (depending on your energy lol) to reach the 10000 Roses Cafe.

Option 3
Ride a jeepney heading to JMall or JCentre Mall and from the terminal ride another jeepney heading to Tamiya (P8) and ask to be dropped at Humay Humay Road in Lapu-Lapu City then from that corner, charter a tricycle (P180) to bring you to 10k Roses. 

Option 4
Hire a taxi to bring you there and ask to be dropped at 10,000 Roses or at Lantaw Floating Restaurant. 
Lantaw Floating Restaurant in Cordova Cebu
Lantaw Floating Restaurant - Cordova, Cebu


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