Windsurfing at Parientes Watersports and How to go to The Twin Islands [In Memory of my friend, Lai]

Windsurfing at Parientes Watersports and Recreation - Hinunangan, Southern Leyte

My batchmates and friends from college invited me to join them on their trip to Cuatro Islas and Lai, my travel buddy from my recent trip to Cadapdapan Rice Terraces and Can-Umantad Falls told me she will be on a side trip to do windsurfing and island hopping to the Twin Islands of San Pedro (Cabugan Grande) and San Pablo (Cabugan Chico) in Hinunangan, Southern Leyte - another province in the island of Leyte. As I have not tried windsurfing before and I wanted to visit the twin islands, I went with her on that side trip while my other friends, Jenny and Don together with their colleagues went home to Cebu at 11:00am that day.

Windsurfing at Parientes Watersports in Hinunangan, Southern Leyte
Lyle, our handsomest trainor for that day.

We stayed at Dayola's family in Hindang, Leyte and since Hinunangan is far from the place we stayed at, Dondon drove us to the pier of Hilongos at past 1:00am to catch a bus bound for Hinunangan. Thanks Don for that!
Hindang, Leyte
 Taken in Hindang, Leyte with Jenny , Don and some of  Jen's/Don's colleagues at COA.Thanks Jen, Don and the entire Dayola family for our accommodation in Hindang, Leyte.

We boarded a Hinunangan bound bus at Hilongos port and we arrived at the bus terminal in Hinunangan after a 3-hour drive. We took a quick breakfast at the terminal and after that, we hired a tricycle to bring us to Barangay Talisay. We were brought to a place called Las Vegas and the person who entertained us there pointed us to the place where Parientes Watersports is situated. So if you want to embark on an inexpensive windsurfing and other watersports activities in Hinunangan, tell the driver to bring you directly to Parientes Watersports and Recreation or tell him to drop you off at Nobleza's. It's definitely worth your visit. We arrived there at past 7:00am but sadly the attendant told us we can't do windsurfing yet as there is no wind, so we decided to do the island hopping to the twin islands first and went back to Parientes Watersports at noontime.
Parientes Watersports in Hinunangan
With Lai, Maam Cristy, one of the owners and Lyle, her son.


When we arrived back from the twin islands, we went straight to Parientes Watersports and then we met the very accommodating Maam Cristy, one of the owners. She said her husband could've teached us but he was not around that time. We had a good chat and she then called his son, Lyle to teach us how to do windsurfing. The wind hadn't came then when Lyle arrived, so we waited for a few minutes and since we hadn't had our lunch yet, Maam Cristy offered us to eat at their place for free but we declined as we were both shy to take the offer. She really is a good representation of great customer service. After a few minutes of chatting, we were then trained by the handsomest instructor, Lyle. We warned him not to laugh at us (lol). In Cebuano, "way bugal-bugal Lyle" lol. 
Windsurfing at Parientes Watersports in Hinunangan
Thanks Lyle for your patience. I said to myself, it's better to try than not at all. I think I'm there but not quite.
Windsurfing at Parientes Watersports in Hinunangan
Not sure but I think this was taken when I got to sail for a few seconds lol (Photo credit: Lai)

Lai went in first, she was more determined than myself. After a few minutes of trying, she successfully sailed for a few minutes and when she was satisfied, I went in next as I was challenged. Well, I was able to balance a few times, not sure but I think I was able to sail for a few seconds. I could have practiced some more (alibi) but we ran out of time as we needed to catch our bus back to Hilongos plus my knee hurts from my previous travels, so I got myself contented when Lyle said I'm there, so I was satisfied.
Windsurfing at Parientes Watersports in Hinunangan
Lai was able to sail for a few minutes. Good job Lai!

Update 7/30/21: For an updated fees on Windsurfing, Kayaking, cottages, etc, you can contact Maam Cristy at 0998 181 0016 or message her on their Facebook pageYou can also email Parientes Watersports at As stated in their Facebook page, Parientes Watersports operating hours are from 6:00am to 12:00pm (subject to change without prior notice)

  • From Cebu City, board a ship bound for Hilongos, Leyte (or any points of entry to Leyte) via Roble Shipping Lines (9:00pm; PHP370 aircon/one way) but you can also try Gabisan Shipping Lines. 
  • Travel time from Cebu City to Hilongos, Leyte is 5 hours. 
  • Once you arrived at the port of Hilongos, disembark immediately as soon as the passengers are allowed to disembark so that you can catch the bus bound for Hinunangan, Southern Leyte (PHP180/one way)
  • You will arrive in Hinunangan bus terminal after 3-4 hours, depending on stopovers. 
  • At the bus terminal, you can have your breakfast at an eatery there and if you ran out of cash, you may call a friend (lol) and ask him/her to send you money via MLhuillier and pick it up at their branch there or if you have your atm with you, you can withdraw money from there, there's one atm machine there (for local banks only) but don't rely too much as it can get offline, as with all other places.  
  • After you have your breakfast, you can hire a tricycle to bring you to Parientes Watersports in Barangay Talisay (PHP10/one way)
  • If there is no wind, you can either do the kayak, paddle and other watersports activities offered by Parientes Watersports or if you want, you can do island hopping at Twin Islands
Eatery and MLhuillier branch at Hinunangan Bus Terminal
Eatery and MLhuillier branch at Hinunangan Bus Terminal


The twin islands of San Pedro and San Pablo which is also known as Cabugan Grande (San Pedro) and Cabugan Chico (San Pablo) are islands in Hinunangan, Southern Leyte that are just a few minutes away from Parientes Watersports. Since there was no wind when we arrived early in the morning at Parientes Watersports, we opted to do island hopping first. Per my conversation with our outrigger boat driver who happens to be a resident of San Pedro Island, the twin islands are inhabited, there are several residential houses there and beach resorts.
Cabugan Grande aka San Pedro Island is the bigger island of the twin islands in Hinunangan Southern Leyte
Cabugan Grande aka San Pedro Island 
This is the bigger island about 30-45 mins away from Parientes Watersports. There are beach resorts there such as Vista Beach Resort, Cabugan Beach Resort, etc but when we went there we just rented a cottage for PHP250. I think you can stay there for free, just leave your things on the seashore. There is a convenience store there as well.

Cabugan Chico aka San Pablo Island is the smaller island of the twin islands in Hinunangan Southern Leyte
Cabugan Chico aka San Pablo Island
This is the smaller island and is just 15 minutes away from Parientes Watersports. I think you can stay there for free, just leave your things on the seashore. We did not swim here, we swam and spent more time at San Pedro Island.


From Parientes Watersports, we walked our way to Barangay Canipaan from the seashore towards the station where outrigger boats are located. We hope to just do it the backpacking way by hitching a group ride (fare could have been only PHP30) but since it was too early then, there were not much passengers, so we opted to just charter a boat for PHP1000 to maximize our stay in the twin islands. 
Coconut plantation on the shores of Barangay Canipaan, Hinunangan, Southern Leyte.
Myself walking towards the outrigger boat station

Group of 10 - PHP1000
Group of 11-15 - PHP1500
Group of 16-25 - PHP2000
Backpacking way (hitch a ride for a group of 20) - PHP30/visitor
*Prices may change without prior notice.

Check out,,,, or any other booking websites and type in Hinunangan in the search box. 



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