It's eating time! Boodle Fight style!

Boodle Fight - Camotes Island

Have you tried Boodle Fight? This is a military style type of eating (with your bare hands) where viands and rice are served on top of banana leaves, on a long table. If you go to a rural area here in the Philippines, you can still see people having their meal on this type of eating. 
Boodle Fight - Camotes Island
Boodle Fight - Camotes Island Menu 

I used to experience this type of eating when I was younger but not on a boodle fight. Our mother wrapped our lunch (for school) with banana leaves with viands inside, then we eat it on our bare hands during lunch, sometimes on top of a roof in our school building (lol). That was quite an experience. 

Boodle fight in the city is very achievable, some restaurants offer this type of eating, you can check out Seafood Island in Ayala Center Cebu or any foodcourt where they served a variety of themed boodle fight menu such as Camotes Island, Dapitan's Pride, etc. 

If you are a foreigner visiting Cebu, you should try it the local way, it'd be fun! :)