Ruben's Fresh Talaba, Bangus, Tilapya Eatery

Ruben's Fresh Talaba - Consolacion, Cebu

I usually travel and have dinner or lunch with my family on places that are outside of the malls in Cebu but today, I decided to have it DIY. My original plan was to go to the famous talaba restaurant in Consolacion, Co Jordan Talaba and Bangus Eatery but before reaching the place, I passed by Ruben's Fresh Talaba Eatery situated at Sitio Laray, Jugan, Consolacion

Taken on my recent visit there with my sisters
Ruben's Fresh Talaba Eatery - Laray, Jugan, Consolacion, Cebu

Upon reaching Co Jordan, I asked the habal-habal (motorbike) driver if Ruben's Eatery is okay, he said yes and he even said the food taste better there, so to avoid the crowd (assuming there were many, I did not enter in), I decided to go back to Ruben's Fresh Talaba. The place is surrounded by mangroves. 

Mangroves at Ruben's Fresh Talaba Bangus Tilapya

The eatery has several tables and if you want to have a breath of fresh air, sit on the right side facing the videoke machine (assuming it is not transferred at the time you get there) but you should know when you get there.

Videoke machine at Ruben's Talaba Eatery
One of the reasons why Filipinos excel in singing competition is because videoke machines are everywhere
There are a variety of food to choose from. When I asked the food attendant what is their best seller, she said talaba so I was inclined to ordering baked talaba but as I browse through the menu, gambas told me, hey I'm available, thus I ordered gambas instead of baked talaba (lol). The food indeed taste good as per driver's recommendation, although the pancit (noodle) was a little salty but still, it tastes good. 

Food at Ruben's Fresh Talaba Bangus Tilapya
The food above is good for 3-4 persons so I wasn't able to consume the pancit (noodle). 
This is what we order when I went back there with my sis. This is only worth P845 (Pancit Canton, Buttered Shrimps, Sinigang na Baboy, Bangus, Pitcher of Iced Tea, 1 Liter 7-Up + 6 cups of Rice). So "sulit" (worth it)!

Talaba (Steam/Grilled) - 70 pesos per kilo (regular size) / 90 pesos per kilo (big size)
Talaba (Baked) - 160 pesos per kilo
Gambas (shrimp) - 150 pesos per serve
Prawn - 160 pesos per serve
Pancit (noodles) - 150 pesos per serve
Fresh Buko juice - 45 pesos
Rice - 20 pesos per serve
Serving: The serving is usually good for 3 to 4 persons so I got trouble consuming the pancit (lol)

COTTAGES (Optional)
If you go there as a group/family, you can rent any of the cottages there and per inquiry, one cottage can accommodate up to 15 persons or more. Price per cottage is Php300 for 3 hours and if you want to extend "kay galami inyo storya", just pay Php50 per hour.

You can get there using the following options:

Option 1: The quickest way to get there is by taking a taxi or a private vehicle. If taking a taxi or using your private vehicle, take the small street that is very near the gasoline station after BPI if you are coming from Cebu City (or near the bridge before reaching SM City Consolacion). It will take you about 5 minutes or less to reached the place. If you are coming from SM City Consolacion, just hire a taxi there and tell the driver to bring you to Ruben's Talabahan. You know you're near when you pass by Consolacion Community College.Travel time is only 3-5 minutes.

Option 2: Take a jeepney bound for SM City Consolacion then disembark at BPI then walk one or 2 steps and you'll see the gasoline station. In front of that gasoline station, you'll see several motorbikes (habal-habal).  You can either cross the street or ask the habal habal driver to go over and ask him to drop you off at Ruben's Fresh Talaba. Fare is Php20 (one way). No worries on going back to your next destination, there are several tricycles and motorbikes passing through the street. I took a motorbike on my way back to SM City Consolacion.

Consolacion Community College
Co Jordan Talaba and Bangus Eatery 
SM City Consolacion
Camp Jesse Robredo Training Center

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