Binignit - perfect for the lenten season

Binignit sa tiyan manggunit!

Binignit sa tiyan manggunit is an expression that our mother often say when we eat this food usually during the lenten season. The expression is a Cebuano term which means (not literally) Binignit is best served while it's hot.

Binignit - Cebuano delicacy

Binignit is a popular delicacy here in Cebu, Philippines and is sought after during the Holy Week. Every year, I always expect someone in my family circle to cook this recipe. 

I can not quite remember who cooked binignit for us when I was younger and I know for sure it wasn't my mother (she was the laziest when it comes to cooking haha, sorry Nay). It could be either my older sisters or my father.

The basic ingredients of Binignit are glutinous or sticky rice (pilit), landang, coconut milk and brown sugar but most of us cook it with taro (gabi), purple yum (ube), sweet potato (kamote), banana (gardaba/saba), sago and jackfruit (langka). 

To learn how to cook Binignit, watch the video below:

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