Daniela Mondragon Memes | Dimples Romana | Kadenang Ginto by ABS-CBN #OhDani

Daniela Memes - Kadenang Ginto (Gold Chain)

Ever wondered Daniela's whereabouts lately? I never realized she's a well travelled woman, she's been all over the place lol. To everyone who does not know who Daniela Mondragon is, she is the character played by Dimples Romana from the tv hit series Kadenang Ginto (Gold Chain) by ABS-CBN. Here's the video of the collection I made so you know where Daniela has travelled so far. (All photos are for entertainment purposes only, credit to the rightful owners, kudos to all of you)! 
Daniela Memes Daniela Mondragon Dimples Romana Kadenang Ginto #OhDani
Daniela Mondragon played by Dimples Romana from the TV Hit Series Kadenang Ginto by ABS-CBN. (Photo: Credit to the rightful owner)

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  1. I wonder why people are comparing GMA Madrasta vs  Kadenang Ginto Teleserye.

    1. maybe because of the story? not sure coz I had not been watching tv for several years already, I came to know Daniela thru viral posts on Facebook and YouTube videos :)


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