Danao City - Gateway to Camotes Islands

Danao City, Cebu, Philippines

Danao City is one of the cities in Cebu Province located in the northern part next to the town of Compostela and before the municipality of Carmen. Danao City is synonymous to Durano City. The mayors there are all Duranos from one generation to another.

Danao City is well known for its gun & cement industries and "tinap-anan" (smoked fish). It is the gateway to Camotes Islands. If you want to relax before going to Camotes, this is the nearest city to book an accommodation.

Danao City Hall

The ferry to and from Camotes at Danao Port
There are some shopping centers in the city center but unlike Cebu City, malls in Danao City are smaller. Check out Gaisano Mall and Prince Warehouse or if you want, visit their public market instead.


1. Visit Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Church - located in the city center, just a walking distance from the seaport of Danao.

2. Visit Danasan Eco Adventure Park - located in the mountainous barangay of Danao. This is a perfect place for those who love adventures. 


3. Visit the beach resorts in Danao - remember Danao does not have a very nice beach but you can still find a relaxing place with a "nature feel" at Elsalvador (my favorite place to stay so far in Danao). My sisters and their family also frequented there and one of them have gotten a discount for us (thank you sis!) when we went there last November 6th for our brother's birthday celebration (thanks bro for the food!). There are several other resorts in Danao City such as Danao Coco Palms Resort, Intosan Resort, etc. 

Pool near the entrance  - Elsalvador

4. Visit President Diosdado Macapagal Park and Boardwalk just a walking distance from Danao Port (your port of origin going to Camotes). When we were younger, our parents brought us there and it was not yet developed and we call it seawall. 
While waiting for your trip to Camotes, you can relax there. Before this was developed, we frequented there and this used be just a seawall.  

5. During the Holy Week, if you are looking for another Way of the Cross location other than Good Shepherd in Banawa, Danao has 2 alternative sites such as the one in Durano Foundation - Way of The Cross (flat surface) and the other one is in Tuburan Sur called Kalbaryo (hill).

Danao Kalbaryo, Tuburan Sur, Danao City

6. Eat "tinap-anan" (smoked fish) - must try if you are a foreigner visiting the Philippines. "Tinap-anans" are best paired with "puso" (hanging rice) and are sold along the road before reaching the city center and Danao Public Market.

"Tinap-anan" (smoked fish) - best paired with "puso" (hanging rice)

Option 1:
Go to North Bus terminal and board a jeepney bound for Danao City (jeep #27). It is more than an hour drive from the bus terminal to Danao City.

Option 2:
Hire a taxi at any point in Cebu where taxi cabs are available and tell the driver to bring you to Danao City. This is costly.

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