How to go to Catmon Beach, Catmon Cebu

Your Two Hundred Pesos for a cottage of one on Catmon Beach, Catmon, Cebu

CATMON is one of the municipalities in Cebu located in the northern part of the province next to the municipality of Carmen.

Catmon Beach in between KM 50 & KM 51

If you love the beach, Catmon is one of the cheapest beach destinations in Cebu. The most popular is KM 47 but when we went there, we stayed at Mel & Kate, just an arms length before the KM51 marker. The cottage is only 200 pesos (US$4). The next time we went there, we stayed in between KM 50 & KM 51, cottage was still for 200 pesos. Travel time from Cebu City to Catmon is less than 2 hours. 

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This is near KM51, just an arms length before the KM51 marker
There are no direct Catmon flights. To get to Catmon, you need to book a flight bound for Cebu and take the following means of transportation below:

By Bus 
Go to North Bus Terminal located in Subangdaku, Mandaue City and ride a bus going to Catmon then tell the driver to drop you off at KM 45, KM 47, KM 50 or KM 51 or whichever place you want to go to there.

By Car
If you're from Cebu or if you have rented a car in Cebu, go straight to Catmon. You know you're nearer when you pass by the municipality of Carmen. You can start checking the beach at KM 45.

By Taxi
I do not recommend taking a taxi going to Catmon from Cebu City, it is too costly especially if you are traveling alone but if you are not on a budget, taxi cabs in Cebu are very accessible.

Catmon is not too commercialized and the beaches there are kind of like a public place where you only need to rent a cottage, usually priced at Php200 or US$4.  As mentioned above the most famous is KM 47 so you can start from there or at KM 50 or KM 51 or if you want, you can stay in at Las Flores Hotel, Agua Villa, Recuerdo Beach Resort, etc.

When you get there, you should try their delicacy, bibingka (rice cake). I think it is somewhere near KM 51. You know you are in the right direction when you see smokes everywhere.

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Other Things to see and do in Catmon
Esoy Hot Spring
Historical Stone Parish Church
Binongkalan Beach Resort
Padre Miguel de Jesus Park

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