Basic Conversational Cebuano

Learn basic conversational Cebuano!

Learn Basic Conversational Cebuano dialect

Cebuano is just one of the 8 major dialects spoken here in the Philippines. Most Filipinos understand English but if you want to practice some conversational Cebuano, see below, it'd be fun!:
  • Good morning - Maayong buntag
  • Good afternoon - Maayong hapon
  • Good evening - Maayong gabii
  • How are you? - Kumusta? or Kumusta ka?
  • Fine, thanks and you? - Okay lang, ikaw?
  • Thank you! - Salamat!
  • You're welcome! - Way sapayan!
  • What is your name? - Kinsa ngalan nimo?
  • How much? - Tag pila?
  • How much is the ticket for a bus to Santa Fe? - Tagpila ticket sa bus paingon Santa Fe?
  • Where is this? - Asa ni?
  • Where is this located - Asa ni dapita? 
  • Where is the toilet/bathroom - Asa inyo cr or Asa inyo kasilyas?
  • Where is this located? - Asa ni dapit?
  • Where are you from? - Taga asa ka?
  • When is your birthday - Kanus-a imo birthday?
  • Have you been to Santa Fe? - Nakaadto naka sa Santa Fe?
  • Have you been to Cebu? - Nakaadto naka sa Cebu?


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