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#MyYearOnYouTube! [2022] Thank You! @aRVeesBlog

Hi guys, just dropping by to say THANK YOU to each and everyone who follows, likes, comments, views and subscribes to my @aRVeesBlog YouTube channel. I appreciate each and everyone of you.  This also goes out to everyone who follows my Facebook Pages, both the old and new and to those who find time to read this blog, THANK YOU! Special thanks to the person who nominated me for Best Food Blog and to Sir Mark Monta and the BCBA Team for having me as one of the Top 3 Finalists of Best Food Blog in the recently concluded Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2022 held at Holiday Inn Cebu City, THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH! Congrats to all the winners, nominees and to the bloggers, vloggers and influencers around the blogosphere, social media sites and world wide web.
Megaworld, thank you so much for the recognition for choosing my blog as MEGAWORLD BLOG OF THE YEAR. It is such an honor! (Explore Mactan Newtown here)
BCBA 2022 Megaworld Blog of the Year
Thank you Megaworld! #MegaworldBlogOfTheYear #BCBA2022

BCBA 2022 Winners
#BCBA2022 Winners with Mark Monta, BCBA Founder and Shanelle Carino of Holiday Inn Cebu City (Photo Credit: Mark Monta)
Check out the rest of the Official Set of Photos by Alvin Asayas Photography

Going back to the subject, thought of sharing you what YouTube Creators have shared #MyYearOnYouTube! as my top performing videos where October was the month with the most views for my channel. (Thank you guys for the support, I appreciate it!)

I tried to make a video tutorial on how to set up the WiFi Mesh System I received as a freebie from PLDT when my contract was renewed a few months ago, without expectation, but lo and behold, it has become one of my top performing videos to date, so thank you to those who watched, I am hoping you find value on my tutorial. Please subscribe to my channel.

I created this video way back 2019 as my way of telling those who are new to Cebu or have not been to Cebu as to what are my top beaches in the island. While I travel a lot, I have not been to all of the beautiful beaches in Cebu when I created this list. For example, when I visited Kawit Beach in Medellin, Cebu specifically Paradizzo Beach Resort, I knew I would love the beach there, so I can easily add Kawit Beach as one of the best beaches in Cebu. I have also been to Santander Pebble Beach Resort recently and I can also easily add Santander to one of the best beach destinations in Cebu. The list goes on and as they say, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, we all have different choices but I am certain, you can agree to majority of the beaches I listed in the video below.

Right before the pandemic, on Valentines Day 2020, me and my family embarked on a trip of a lifetime as it is pretty crazy to put all of us together, in one trip, as we are so many in our family but yet, my sis and bro-in-law of JCK Designs managed to bring us all together (almost all of us) to Boracay. They booked us a complimentary ticket and room accommodation at Savoy Hotel Boracay situated right next to Belmont Hotel Boracay in Boracay Newcoast, away from the hustle and bustle of the main stations. Come play the video and explore the beautiful resort. 

#YouTubeShorts #Shorts #ShortsVideo
I love it that you get to use popular and familiar music on YouTube Shorts without the risk of copyright infringement. Just like you, I too enjoyed creating YouTube Shorts and based on YouTube's Analytics, these are my top 3 performing YouTube Shorts - AYER’S LECHON CEBUVIRTUAL REALITYLAMBUG BEACH BADIAN 

YouTube Live Stream
I am not a fan of Live Streams but this video of JPARK Island was on Premiere publishing, thus considered to be on live stream and made it to #MyYearOnYouTube! list. Check out the video below and take a tour

How about you, how was your #MyYearOnYouTube! review? Was it as you expected? Please share your experience in the comments section below.



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