Camotes Islands - Lake Danao, Beach Resorts, Tourist Attractions, Summer Outing and How to Get There

Camotes Islands - High School Summer Outing, Tourist Attractions, Beach Resorts and How to Get There

The wonders of God's Creation!
Lake Danao is definitely a must visit when in Camotes Islands and by visit I meant, rent a speedboat, sakanaw or kayak to cruise and have fun while enjoying the wonders of God's amazing creation. The lake is too wide and vast that you will appreciate God's works of wonders all the more. In the middle of the lake, you will see a small island where you can have an amazing set of photographs while enjoying the company of your friends and family and if you are lucky enough like we were, your speedboat/sakanaw drivers might be your best photographers for the day as evident by our pictures below.
Lake Danao - Camotes Islands, Cebu

Lake Danao, Camotes Islands
Lake Danao, Camotes Islands - We had the best photographers, our speedboat drivers for that day!

Lake Danao, Camotes Islands

Lake Danao, Camotes Islands
Cath and Jay, thanks for the tshirt, I liked it, thanks as well for arranging the transportation for us and for sponsoring half of our accommodation, it is much appreciated! Cel and Franz, thanks for the banner, I didn't ask you to put my name on it but you did. I'm honored! To everyone, thank you all for your company. Cheers to our next!

Lake Danao, Camotes Islands
To enjoy the amazing scenery, you really need to cruise over to the other side of the lake!

If you have not been to Camotes, I highly recommend the place. Lake Danao is situated in the island of Pacijan, one of the 3 main islands in Camotes, the other 2 being Poro and Ponson islands. To enjoy the grandeur of the lake, you need to cruise over to the other side and below are the lake park fees.

  • Sakanaw - P700/trip for 10 persons; excess 50 per head
  • Speedboat - P500/trip for 10 persons; excess 50 per head
  • Horseback riding- tour (50/person); picture (P20/person)
  • Kayak - for individual or group of 2 (I think P50)
  • Swimming Pool - P100 Adult/P50 Children
  • Restaurant - they have a restaurant there as well

Our first ever high school reunion only happened after more than 2 decades since we graduated. My younger brother once told me, once you have your reunion, you will want to have it over and over again. True to what he said, last May 20th, me, my high school batchmates and their partners together with my older sister and younger sister's family embarked on our 5th get together/mini reunion in Camotes Islands, our first ever out of mainland Cebu summer outing. 


Camotes is home to some of the best beach destinations in Cebu, Philippines. The most famous resort in Camotes is probably Santiago Bay Garden and Resort. We stayed there for one night. The place is nice and has 2 infinity pools but because the area is powered by a generator, air conditioning units may not work well, so feel free to ask for an electric fan if you need to. Like most resorts, they also have restaurants there but if you are on a budget, you can go down to the beach and just beside the resort, you will see several stalls there that offer food, water activities, rooms for rent, motorbikes for rent, etc.
Santiago Bay Garden Resort - Camotes Islands
Santiago Bay Garden Resort - Camotes Islands

Santiago Bay Garden Resort - Camotes Islands
Santiago Bay Garden Resort - Camotes Islands

Santiago Bay Garden Resort - Camotes Islands
Santiago Bay Garden Resort - Camotes Islands

Mangodlong Rock Resort and Mangodlong Paradise Resort are 2 of the resorts that you may want to consider when visiting Camotes Islands. I like the beach there more. You may also want to consider Coco Grove Nature Resort
Mangodlong Paradise Resort
MANGODLONG PARADISE BEACH RESORT, CAMOTES ISLANDS - This resort's owner is the owner of Jomalia Shipping lines, you can actually book your reservation when you buy your ticket at Majestic Legacy office in Subangdaku, Mandaue City - very near Subangdaku Barangay Hall. You may call them at (032)346-0421 to 23

Mangodlong Paradise Resort
Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort - My nieces and nephew chilling out

How to go to Camotes Islands Cebu santiago bay mangodlong rock
How to go to Camotes Islands, Cebu

  1. Go to Cebu North Bus terminal and ride bus/mini bus bound for Carmen/Catmon/Sogod/Borbon. If you are somewhere near Mandaue City, you can ride a Danao-bound jeepney (#27) along National Highway fronting San Miguel Brewery. You can also ride a jeepney bound for Danao City (#27) or Carmen at White Gold fronting Queen City Memorial Cemetery or along Sun Gold at SM City Cebu crossing. Alternatively, you can also ride a van at SM City Cebu terminal.
  2. If you took a jeepney, disembark at Danao City PUV Terminal and from the PUV Terminal, walk your way towards Danao Port/Sands Gateway Mall. The passenger lounge has now being transferred to Sands Gateway mall. If you took a van/bus bound for Carmen/Catmon/Sogod - disembark at Jollibee Danao/Sands Gateway Mall.
  3. Buy a ticket at the Passenger Lounge inside Sands Gateway Mall (P200 aircon/P180 open air - one way) or to avoid the lines, prior to your departure, you may buy your tickets at Jomalia Shipping/Majestic Legacy office near Subangdaku Barangay Hall in Mandaue City, very near Cebu North Bus Terminal. You may call them at (032)346-0421 to 23
  4. When you arrived in Consuelo Port in San Francisco, Camotes, you will be greeted by the motorbike (habal habal)/multicab (mini-jeepney) drivers offering you tour packages. Rates vary depending on your points of interests
  • If you want to bring your vehicle with you to Camotes Islands, see map below for direction and you ask your vessel of choice for the cargo fee.

You can also go to Camotes via Mactan and Cebu City. Check out Jomalia Shipping Lines or OceanJet or check out boat schedules below under supplemental readings.

Our multicab tour package was P1700. The multicab can accommodate up to 15 persons, I guess. We were only 10 as some didn't make it, so we paid P170 each for the ride. On our way back, since my younger sister and her family brought their car with them, my brother-in-law offered to drove us to the port of Consuelo. The package of P1700 included a tour to Lake Danao, Mangodlong Rock Resort, Timubo Cave, Paraiso Cave and Santiago Bay Garden and Resort.


Lake Danao Camotes Islands
Me and my batchmates or are we all from IV-Blue? #SIPS1990 #Isidorian 

Lake Danao Camotes Islands
The whole group

Timubo Cave
This is the bottom of Timubo Cave. The steps downwards are a little challenging, not very advisable to the oldies but if you are oldies who are young at heart, you may do so. (Entrance - P30)

Paraiso Cave Camotes Islands
This cave is more developed and advisable for oldies too. The steps downwards are not that as challenging as they are in Timubo Cave. (Entrance - P25 / Swimming - P10)

Mangodlong Rock Resort
Entrance - P100 but if you are staying in Santiago Bay Garden Resort, entrance is FREE

Santiago Bay Garden & Resort
Santiago Bay Garden & Resort is a sister company of Mangodlong Rock Resort, Lake Danao Park and Green Lagoon.
Phone: (032) 345.8599  /  (032) 344.6899  /  (032) 420.3385 | Mobile: (+63) 917.3292448

Camotes Flying Fish Resort
Baywalk - San Francisco, Pacijan Island
Holy Crystal Cave - San Francisco, Pacijan Island
Boho Rock - Poro Island
Bukilat Cave - Poro Island
Busay Falls - Poro Island

How about you, have you been to Camotes? What's your favorite experience?

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