Cleanliness Drive With Fellow Cebu Couchsurfers

Because our environment matters!

I have always wanted to participate in an outreach program that has something to do with mother earth and today, thru the efforts of a fellow Couchsurfer in Cebu, Gin, I was able to fulfill that goal in participating and drawing awareness so people  for people should care our environment.

We got a free tshirt and face towel, thanks Gin!

As you can see, one of the many causes of floods are clogged drainage systems which can be very much minimized by throwing our trashes properly. The garbage bins exist for a reason, so we need to use them.

If you ever come across this post, please spread the word and be responsible enough to throw your garbage properly.

How about you? Have you tried something like this? Feel free to invite me on any cause-awareness campaign, I will join you if my schedule permits.

By the way, have you heard of Couchsurfing? If you are a traveler, the term is not foreign to you but if you aren't, learn more here. Similar sites are Showaround, Tripping, HomeExchange, etc - click here.

Is Couchsurfing safe? Check the video below

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