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It's eating time! Boodle Fight style!

Boodle Fight - Camotes Island

Have you tried Boodle Fight? This is a military style type of eating (with your bare hands) where viands and rice are served on top of banana leaves, on a long table. If you go to a rural area here in the Philippines, you can still see people having their meal on this type of eating. 

Flavor of the road ice cream

Ice Cream Pinoy Style

While there are several ice cream brands available in the Philippines such as Nestle, Magnolia, Selecta, etc., we Filipinos (Pinoys) still love this ice cream which we call, flavor of the road. Flavor of the road because it is available and sold alongside the road. If you happen to go to Plaza Indepencia or Fort San Pedro in Cebu City, you can find a vendor near the entrance that sells this type of ice cream or sorbetes. This is also sold in every town fiesta especially in the rural areas.

Sky Water Park Cebu

Sky Water Park Cebu - J Centre Mall, Mandaue City, Cebu

Sky Water Park Cebu is situated atop J Centre Mall, one of the shopping malls in Cebu, Philippines. The theme park is at the mall's roof deck (6th floor). To those who don't know where J Centre Mall is, it is along A.S. Fortuna Street in Mandaue City, Cebu. The park has water slides which is only available from 9:00am to 6:00pm, an infinity pool overlooking parts of Mandaue City, shower rooms, locker rooms and two mini-restaurants.

Your two hundred pesos for a Sky Water Park ambience.Sky Water Park opened its doors to the public last November 2016 and it's perfect for family gatherings and relaxation after roaming around the mall downstairs. The best time to get there is during weekdays where entrance fee is lesser and guests are fewer. Even if you don't use the park's facility, you can still enjoy the ambience for a consumable two hundred peso-outlet pass (US$4) which you can redeem at any of the two mini rest…

Lechon, Barbecue, Tinap-anan are viands perfect for Puso

Puso is perfect for lechon (roasted pork), barbecue, tinap-anan (smoked fish) and pungko-pungko

LECHON BABOY (ROASTED PORK) While I don't eat Lechon or Roasted Pork in English, I can vouch that Cebu is home to the best tasting lechon in the Philippines, that's what people are saying, that's what my family are saying, that's what most local tourists are saying. Lechon is served and is the most sought after viand during big occassions such as Reunion, Christmas Party, Birthday Party, Wedding, Baptism, or any other family or group gatherings. Lechon is best paired with puso during family outing especially at the beach.

PUSO (HANGING RICE) Puso or hanging rice in English is a cooked rice that is very common in Cebu, Philippines. It is best paired with lechon (roasted pork), barbecue and tinap-anan (smoked fish). 

PUNGKO-PUNGKO Puso is also best paired and best enjoyed when you have to eat it in any pungko-pungko stalls. Pungko-pungko is a Cebuano colloquial term referring to ho…

Cu Chi Tunnel - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Cu Chi Tunnel
Within the system of Cu Chi Tunel, Ben Duoc Tunnel was the base of Party Committee and Headquarters of Sai Gon - Cho Lon - Gia Dinh Zone & Military Zone... This is a unique architectural structure, a system of deeply underground tunnels having several floors and alleys and branches like spider web more than 250 km long for dining, living, meeting and fighting. This tunnel system embodies the strong will, intelligence, and pride of Cu Chi people, a symbol of revolutionary heroism of Vietnamese peole (Source: Cu Chi Guide) 

The Cu Chi Tunnel tour was one of my favorite experiences during our Indochina trip. To go there, go to Pham Ngu Lao Street where you can find several travel agencies and hostels there. A small group tour is very recommendable because if each one in your group will enter the tunnel, at least you don't have to wait for so many people to finish. Travel time from Pham Ngu Lao St. to Cu Chi Tunnel is less than 2 hours. Before reaching the tunnel, we …