Minglanilla Cebu and The Castle-like Archdiocesan Shrine of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

The Castle-like Church and The Municipality of Minglanilla, Cebu

On your long distance trips to south Cebu, you may have been amazed when you pass by Minglanilla's not so ordinary looking church, a castle-like church of the Archdiocesan Shrine of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. If you are a foreigner reading this, this town is not to be confused as that of Minglanilla in Spain in the province of Cuenca. 
Minglanilla Church Cebu - Archdiocesan Shrine of the Immaculate Heart of Mary


Minglanilla, Cebu is sandwiched between the cities of Talisay and Naga and is less than an hour away from Cebu City. Just like its neighboring towns, I wouldn't be surprised if sooner, this booming municipality will convert itself into a city. Aside from the church, situated within the town complex are: the town plaza, the police station, the Minglanilla Municipal Building, Immaculate Heart of Mary Academy and Jollibee. Minglanilla Public Market is located in the opposite side of the road.
Immaculate Heart of Mary Academy Minglanilla Cebu

Some of the resorts in this southern town are Tubod Flowing Waters Resort (Upper Pakigne, Tubod, Minglanilla - (032) 383-1533 or 272-3467 between 8am to 10pm), Tubod Bukid, Villa Rammelyn (Lower Calajo-an, Minglanilla - (032) 490 0838 , Circa La Playa Resort (Tungkil, Minglanilla - 260-6776 between 7:30am and 6:00pm), Ruvi Cave Resort (Tungkop, Minglanilla - 490-3321 | 0939-3448654), Palm Beach Resort (Tungkop, Minglanilla - 0922-741-6205 or at 272-8941), etc. Also, while in Minglanilla, check out Plaza Margarita in Lipata. (List of Restaurants in Plaza Margarita)
Tubod Flowing Resort Minglanilla Cebu taken last 2011. These kids are now grown ups. We stayed in a room that accommodated 15 to 20 of us.  Tubod Bukid is Tubod Flowing Resort's newest attraction.

Tubod Flowing Water Resort MInglanilla Cebu
Tubod Flowing Water Resort Minglanilla Cebu (Photo Credit: Tubod Flowing Water Resort)

Circa La Playa Resort Minglanilla Cebu (Photo Credit: Circa La Playa)

This guide is on how to go to Minglanilla town proper. If you intend to go to the resorts above, you may contact the numbers listed on their Facebook pages/websites (I have also listed them above).

  1. Going to Minglanilla is easy. From Colon Street, fronting Colonnade Supermarket, ride a jeepney with route #10F or any jeepney with the sign board Bulacao/Pardo
  2. Tell the driver you will disembark at Pardo Church. Fare is P8
  3. From Pardo Church, ride a jeepney heading to Minglanilla (#43)/Naga (#44). 
  4. Tell the driver that you will disembark at Minglanilla Church. The municipal complex including the church is uphill.



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