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5 Stations of the Cross' Sites in Cebu that you may not know about

5 Famous and not so famous Stations of the Cross' Sites in Cebu

During the lenten season devout Catholics go on a pilgrimage to mimic the passion of the Christ by doing the Way of the Cross or Stations of the Cross, as a sign of sacrifice. Some even go out of their way and do it so literally, take the instance of Ruben Enaje who re-enacts Christ's Crucifixion every Good Friday in San Fernando, Pampanga.

In Cebu, some of the devout Catholics do their share of sacrifice by going to some of the Stations of the Cross' site usually situated in a hill where paths are rocky and a little uphill. Please see below the famous and not so famous Way of the Cross' sites for your Maundy Thursday and Good Friday itineraries.
1. MT. CALVARY - Baring, Carmen, Cebu Mt Calvary is located in Baring, Carmen, Cebu - a rocky uphill path climb to the 14th station. This is my favorite Stations of the Cross in Cebu so far. Getting there: If I were to commute there, I would take a Danao City bound jee…

Unli Pizza and Pasta at NYPD

Pizza and pasta buffet at NYPD - Eat All You Can

Yes, you read it right, eat all you can pizza, pasta and more at NYPD but no, not at New York Police Department (lol) but at New York Pizza Depot at APM Centrale, fronting SM City Cebu and beside the old APM Mall.  I believe NYPD is one of the fastest selling buffet restaurant in Cebu City these days. Just like the 10,000 Roses in Cordova, it's not going to fade out real soon as it is still flocked by the locals up to these days. I even saw foreign tourists when we get there.

The NYPD buffet includes several varieties of New York style pizza, pasta, spaghetti, chicken, fries (chips) and yes, it also includes rice. Price per person is one hundred ninety-nine pesos (Php199 or  $4). Drinks not included. As the place is not as spacious as they should be, just like all buffet meals, in NYPD you only have a maximum of 2 hours to consume your unlimited pizza, pasta, chicken and fries.
PRICE Order per person - Php199 ($4) Children - 0 to 4 years …

Ruben's Fresh Talaba, Bangus, Tilapya Eatery

Ruben's Fresh Talaba - Consolacion, Cebu

I usually travel and have dinner or lunch with my family on places that are outside of the malls in Cebu but today, I decided to have it DIY. My original plan was to go to the famous talaba restaurant in Consolacion, Co Jordan Talaba and Bangus Eatery but before reaching the place, I passed by Ruben's Fresh Talaba Eatery situated at Sitio Laray, Jugan, Consolacion

Upon reaching Co Jordan, I asked the habal-habal (motorbike) driver if Ruben's Eatery is okay, he said yes and he even said the food taste better there, so to avoid the crowd (assuming there were many, I did not enter in), I decided to go back to Ruben's Fresh Talaba. The place is surrounded by mangroves. 

THE RESTAURANT The eatery has several tables and if you want to have a breath of fresh air, sit on the right side facing the videoke machine (assuming it is not transferred at the time you get there) but you should know when you get there.
THE FOOD There are a variety o…

The SRP Observation Deck

The Observation Deck - SRP, Cebu City

I am not sure if the place has an official name but if I were to be asked, I call this the SRP Observation Deck. SRP stands for South Road Properties that link the cities of Talisay and Cebu. SRP is some of the most notorious danger zones in Cebu due to some vehicles running beyond speed limits.

The SRP Observation Deck is situated a few meters away from SM Seaside City, one of the biggest malls here in Cebu Province.

The site is my favorite hangout place and stopover on long distance southern trip (I am from the north), perfect for R&R. If you are a local who have not come across this place or if you are a foreigner traveling from the southern towns of Cebu to the northern towns and vice versa, the non-stop blow of fresh air is what makes this place a perfect stopover.

RELAX AND UNWIND You can do just about anything there, sit down, relax, chat with your loved ones, eat some food (if you're hungry) and enjoy the breath of fresh air. Yes, you c…

10,000 Roses and more - Cordova, Cebu, Philippines

10,000 Roses Cafe in Cordova

Have you been to the very famous destination among local tourists in Cebu? The ten thousand roses (10,000) has now become one of the most famous tourist destinations in the island of Cebu. Most locals flocked their way to visit the popular site with ten thousand roses. The place is a cafe very near Lantaw Floating Restaurant, a popular restaurant in the municipality of Cordova. Cordova is near Lapu-Lapu City.

Located in Barangay Day-as, Cordova, the 10,000 Roses clearly put Cordova in the map once again as this site is inevitably drawing more and more local tourists since the day it opened its doors early this year.

The white roses are not real roses, they are powered by LED. 
BEST TIME In my opinion, the best time to get there is on weekdays as the place is still flocked with many local tourists on weekends. We went there on Sunday and we must have arrived there on a better time on a Sunday, we get there at past 6:00pm. On weekends, best time to get there is …

Tops Lookout - Busay, Cebu City, Philippines

Amazing Cebu City Lights at Tops

The Tops Lookout is one of Cebu City's tourist attractions that is located in one of the mountainous barangay of Busay (just like Sirao Flower Farms/Sirao Peak). This place is popular among local tourists due to its mild climate, perfect for lovers, family, friends and barkada (group) for a much deserved relaxation and most of all for getting a bird's eye view of the amazing Cebu City lights. 

BEST TIME In my opinion, the best time to get there is from 4:00pm to 5:00pm as there are certain areas along the way that is too dark if you go there after the sun sets. If you want to go there in the morning, you'll be able to see Cebu City's skyline but it would be best to get there at night to see Cebu City's amazing array of lights.

The last time I was there was in the late 90's and it's good to know that they haven't renovated the place that much, if they do, it could be very minimal for me to not notice it at all.

There are sever…

Tagaytay City - Cavite, Philippines

Have you been to Tagaytay?

Tagaytay City or simply known as Tagaytay is one of the cities in the province of Cavite which is located south of Manila in the island of Luzon. Tagaytay is a popular tourist destination among local tourists due to its mild climate. The city sits on a mountain ridge above Taal Volcano which is an active volcano that is surrounded by Taal Lake.

Getting there: Travel time from Manila to Tagaytay is between 1.5 hours to 3.5 hours depending on the mode of transportation you take and the traffic situation. Fastest way to get there is by renting a coaster (big groups) or a van (small groups). Learn how to get to Tagaytay.
Places to stay: There are many places to stay in Tagaytay. When we went there we stayed in Jemz Tagaytay, a budget transient hostel that accommodated all thirty-three (33) of us (lol). I like this hostel, they were not so strict even if we exceeded the maximum number of occupants in a room. We did caught attention though because we were too noisy (lo…