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Spicy Okra

Have you tried Spicy Okra?
Okra is one of the vegetables I avoid eating when I was younger but I have read various articles that it is good for diabetes. I am not diabetic but my mother was and she passed away due to the complications of the disease (diabetes), and since it is in my genes might as well try eating some healthy foods if time permits ("pag may time" lol) and as they say prevention is better than cure.
I am not trying to be an expert in cooking because truth be told, I am not but I just love cooking, got it from my late father. (needless to say, my mother was the laziest person I know when in comes to cooking, sorry Nay, miss you and love you, I know God has you in His keeping)

So going back to the recipe, here's what you need: SPICY OKRA
INGREDIENTS 1 can tuna, hot & spicy 8 to 10 pcs okra1-3 pcs. pepper ("siling espada")1 clove garlic1 small oniona pinch of black peppera pinch of white peppera pinch of chili powdera pinch of chili flakes a pinch o…

Top 10 Things to do in Cebu

Things to do in Cebu, Philippines
Some tourist attractions in Cebu Province are within Cebu City and some are in the far south and far north. Depending on your interest and your length of stay, please find below my list of TOP 10 THINGS TO DO IN CEBU to make your stay worthwhile: 

If I have to put Sinulog, it would be number 1 on my list but since it is a festivity, I had it excluded. To those of you who wants to witness Sinulog, it happens every 3rd Sunday of January. 


1. VisitBasilica del Santo Niño, Magellan's Cross, Plaza IndependenciaFort San Pedro, Malacañan Sa Sugbo, Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral in Cebu City.Check out my post on Top Tourist Attractions in Cebu City or play the video below.

2. Visit the 10,000 Roses in Cordova, Cebu. Probably one of the most popular destinations among local tourists.

3. Visit the beach resortsinMactan IslandinLapulapu City. If you love the beach and you just have a short stay here, try the beaches in Mactan Island. Yo…

Travel Quotes Collection

I have just created my first ever video for my collection of Travel Quotes, please check it out.

Find Cheaper Places to Stay in Cebu, Philippines
Top Tourist Spots in Cebu City

Getting around Cebu

How to go to SM City Cebu, Ayala Center Cebu, South Bus Terminal and North Bus Terminal

You can go around Cebu via jeepney, bus, tricycle, "trisikad", motorcycle and most conveniently through a taxi.

BY JEEPNEY (PUJ) The most common transportation in Cebu that leads you from point A to B is through a public utility jeepney (PUJ). If you are a local tourist, you won't find it hard riding a jeepney but if you are a foreigner, you need to know how to read the signs and where the route is. Jeepneys are numbered according to their route/destination.

As most local and foreign tourists are booking accommodations in Cebu City area, I will focus more on where to board a jeepney in the city center.
Going to Ayala Center Cebu If you stayed near downtown Cebu (Colon St, Pelaez St., V. Gullas St., Manalili St.) - go to the crossing where Metro Gaisano, McDonalds and Novo intersect. Near McDonalds fronting Novo, in the sidewalk, ride a jeep that has this number, 14D - you should see this s…

How to go to Cebu

Have you been to Cebu, Philippines?

You can go to Cebu via the following means of transportation:

Most major airlines have direct flights from your point of departure to Cebu or you may book a connecting flight via Manila if your airline does not have a direct flight to Cebu. Check out Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, Air Asia, Tigerair, Jetstar Asia, Vanilla Air,  Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, or your country's major airlines.

If you are anywhere in the Philippines, you can also visit Cebu by boat via Sulpicio Lines, 2GO, Lorenzo Shipping, etc. and travel time from Manila to Cebu is 22 hours or more. 

Boat Schedules (click on the link below for the boat schedules)
Sulpicio Lines
Lorenzo Shipping

The best means to go to Cebu is by air but if you have ample time, you can try visiting Cebu by boat. If you are anywhere around the world, some of your major airlines have a direct flight to Cebu but if you can't find one, book a connecting flight via Manila (the ca…

Sardines with Alugbati and Kangkong

Have you tried Sardines with Alugbati and Kangkong? Alugbati also known as Malabar Spinach or  Basella alba is very common in the Philippines and other parts of Asia. This vegetable is very inexpensive and is widely available in your favorite supermarket or wet market.
Kangkong also known as Water Spinach or Ipomoea aquatica, like Alugbati is also very common in the Philippines and other parts of Asia. This is also very cheap and is very much available in the supermarket or wet market.
Vegetables as you all know are good for our health. If you are tired of eating meat, fast food or if you are tired of eating canned foods, here's a recipe for you that you can use for your next cooking experiment. 
This recipe will only cost you a total of 40 pesos or less and is good for 6 to 7 persons.
Kangkong (6 to 8 pieces)Alugbati (6 to 8 pieces)1 can sardines1 onion1 spring onion1 or 2 garlic clovessaltblack pepperwhite peppercooking oil



Basic Conversational Cebuano

Learn basic conversational Cebuano!

Cebuano is just one of the 8 major dialects spoken here in the Philippines. Most Filipinos understand English but if you want to practice some conversational Cebuano, see below, it'd be fun!: Good morning - Maayong buntagGood afternoon - Maayong haponGood evening - Maayong gabiiHow are you? - Kumusta? or Kumusta ka?Fine, thanks and you? - Okay lang, ikaw?Thank you! - Salamat!You're welcome! - Way sapayan!What is your name? - Kinsa ngalan nimo?How much? - Tag pila?How much is the ticket for a bus to Santa Fe? - Tagpila ticket sa bus paingon Santa Fe?Where is this? - Asa ni?Where is this located - Asa ni dapita? Where is the toilet/bathroom - Asa inyo cr or Asa inyo kasilyas?Where is this located? - Asa ni dapit?Where are you from? - Taga asa ka?When is your birthday - Kanus-a imo birthday?Have you been to Santa Fe? - Nakaadto naka sa Santa Fe?Have you been to Cebu? - Nakaadto naka sa Cebu?

Santa Fe - Gateway to Bantayan Island, Cebu

Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines
Bantayan Island is composed of three (3) municipalities, namely Santa Fe, Madridejos and Bantayan.
The beach in Santa Fe, Bantayan Island is my favorite beach destination here, so far. I have yet to visit Malapascua Island and Camotes Islands. Santa Fe is home to some of the best beaches in Cebu, Philippines and is the gateway to Bantayan Island. It is located in the northernmost part of Cebu and can be reached by bus, taxi or car. Travel time is between 3 to 4 hours from Cebu City.

By Bus
Go to North Bus Terminal (you can go there as early as 5:00 am or even earlier) in Subangdaku, Mandaue City and ride a bus going to Hagnaya Port. At the port, purchase a ticket going to Santa Fe. The fare is 180 pesos (May 2015). 

You can purchase your ticket here at Hagnaya PortBy Car If you're from Cebu or if you have rented a car in Cebu, go straight to Hagnaya Port (taking the northbound route) then once there, park your ca…

Tingko Beach, King Arthur's, El Paradiso - some of the places to go in Alcoy, Cebu

Alcoy, Cebu, Philippines

ALCOY is another municipality in Cebu Province and is located in the southern part of the island right next to the municipality of Dalaguete. The most popular beach in Alcoy is Tingko Beach located in Daan Lungsod. Being a beach lover, I can recommend the place but it is crowded on weekends, so go there on weekdays instead. You can rent a table ranging from 600 to 800 pesos, etc ($12-$16). You can also do island hopping from there, price per person is 30 pesos or $0.60 (2016). If you go there solo, just join other groups.

Another nice place where we stayed in was in King Arthur's Resort at Bon-Bon Pasol. It is the sister company of El Paradiso Sola Homes. What I like about this place is that you can just relax and enjoy the breeze, the place is quite windy especially near the seashore. The beach there is not as nice as Tingko beach, though.


By Bus Go to South Bus Terminal near E-Mall or Elizabeth Mall in Cebu City and ride a bus going to Alc…